Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 14th
Call us today to place your order for the one(s) you  LOVE! 
 A dozen red roses are beautiful and the traditional Valentine floral gift but consider a gorgeous mixed arrangement in shades of reds, pinks, purples.  We love to use such things as  cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, lisianthus, stock, snapdragons, roses, curled ti leaf. Please view below for  some samples of our amazing designs we can create just for you.  And of course, we can still make a dozen red roses!!
Orders available starting at $60 (plus tax and delivery)

'Protea Love'

 'Hot Pink Splendor'
 'Sweet Love'

'The Rose Heart' 

'Spring Love'

'Anthirium Dream'

'Box of Love'

'Classic Romance'

'The Faye'

'The Avery'

'Pure Love'

'The Charlotte'

'The Violet'

 'Valentine Garden Mix' 

'Tropical Romance'

'Compact Valentine Mix'

'Sherbert Love'

'Burgundy Passion'

'Tropical Passion'

'Sweet Valentine'

'Boundless Love'

'Traditional Dozen Red Roses'

'Traditional Two Dozen Red Roses'

'Modern Dozen Red Roses'

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Inspirations

Please peruse these lovely arrangements for inspiration for what to send to your wife, mother or mother in law.  We can create any design style and color combination you think she will love! Please click on the 'Arrangements for all Occasions' Tab for more examples of our designs.

Give us a call at one of our two locations to place an order...we'll make it easy!

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213.623.3991 Los Angeles area Deliveries

Monday, February 3, 2014

Radiant Orchid
Dusty Purple 
Color Trends of 2014
 Not that I am psychic or anything, but I have seen this coming!  For the past few years I have had many clients asking for a more vibrant purple color scheme.  Clients are done with the soft pale pastel lavenders and blush of years past and are imagining a fun, yet sophisticated color palette to incorporate into their wedding... Although Pantone has dubbed Radiant Orchid as the 2014 color of the year I find myself recommending other colors and elements to help tone down a bold color scheme. Dusty purple is a subdued version of bright royal purple that I feel balances the bright impact of fuchsia.  See below for some of my suggestions for making this color pallet work for you! 

The perfect combination of fuchsia and dusty lilac

Contemporary mirror vases and various styles of mercury glass work will with this color palette.

Black glass or ceramics are a great way to "weight " down the "girliness" of this color palette.  Black adds a sophisticated, modern touch

Don't want to commit to this bold palette for your flowers?  Try creating impact with lighting.  Trust me, lighting transforms a space into a completely different world! A general room wash or perimeter uplights can give you the looks below.  Colored glass chandeliers add a pop.

 There are many other ways to incorporate this color palette.  There are certain  flower colors, like blue and purple, that are sometimes either not readily available or out of season.  I recommend bringing these colors in with the details.  A colored cake, colored glassware, a signature drink.  Fun elements that create a color punch without commitment to using the colors EVERYWHERE for the wedding

Don't want to commit to that much color? Try something fun like a colored shoe under your gown!

There are some beautiful bridemaids dresses in this color palette.  I especially like the range or ombre effect that can be created with fabric in this lilac, plum, magenta and fuchsia color palette. 

Various tones of grey and platinum, as well as navy blue dresses look amazing with this bold color palette

If you think your guy will go for it!  Or what better way than to have your flowergirl dress with the pop of color.  Little girls would LOVE this!

 Talk about a statement!  A purple, fuchsia bridal bouquet, possibly accented with white, really creates impact!  I often recommend if you are going to go with this bold of a color scheme, texture and shape is really important in the grand scheme of your total look.  If your dress is on the more simple side then go for it!  But, if there is a lot of elaborate detail in your dress, perhaps limit the size, shape and/or texture of the bouquet so it doesn't steal the show!

There is a fairly good selection of flowers available in this color palette.  Please note- some are considered more "premium" flowers and thus can greatly effect budget, but there are also some really good options that are more reasonably priced and can be found at the flower mart almost year round. 
Various types of orchids, such as:

Vanda Orchid.  Usually available (imported year round) but expensive.  Great for focal point pieces like bouquets, boutonnieres.

phalenopsis orchid.  Usually available year round except late fall/early winter.  Expensive but a great impact flower with long cascades of blooms.

Cattleya orchid.  OK I'm a little partial to this orchid...I used it entirely for my bridal bouquet.  Great impact flower.  Expensive but a great focal point flower

Dendrobium orhcid.  Readily available.  Most economical of all the orchid varieties

miniature calla lilies. Available almost year round.  A bit pricey but good for focal point pieces, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, showcased in designs.

peonies- limited availability/seasonality and pricey

various varieties of roses- available year round.  great for abundance and color palette

Hot pink and purple hydrangea.  Usually available late summer.  The LA flower mart flushes with this product around this time and the prices can drop.  When these are imported the prices can be high but the flower heads are so large that they are worth it.

Japanese Anemone.  Available in late summer and fall through early spring

Stock.  Great filler flower and great for color.  Mass these together for impact. Available almost year round.
lisianthus.  Ruffle petals add fullness and a great bright purple.  Available almost year round