Thursday, June 25, 2009

Erin & Michael

So, I am a multi-tasker so while I am taking a break for lunch from our busy, busy day (we have a Bat Mitzvah tomorrow/Saturday, a wedding on Saturday and The Pasadena Chapter National Charity League Fashion Show/Luncheon at The Langham on Sunday) I thought I would post some images from a wedding that we recently designed. Tara Rochelle of Tara Rochelle Photography was kind enough to send me some images of Erin and Michael's wedding at Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena.

The bride was going for a fun, yet elegant design. She definitely wanted Hot Pink in more modern designs but wanted it to flow well with the space- which is pretty traditional. Chocolate brown helped balance out the pop of hot pink and it turned out fantastic. We did a combo of tall centerpieces with crystals in the vase (traditional) and a clustered vignette centerpiece of miniature hot pink calla lilies, Bugatti and Hot Princess roses and raspberry mocara orchids accented with pink flax (more contemporary). Each napkin had a beautiful Mocara orchid to greet each guest as they sat down. The pink lighting helped unify the spaces (the tables were spread out in two adjacent rooms) and added a lot of personality.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Peonies vs. Dahlias

It's Dahlia Season! Unfortunately, the beloved peony season does not last forever and is starting to wind down a bit. We are still able to procure beautiful white, coral, blush, hot pink and red peony varieties but the dahlia is a fabulous alternative when the peonies become harder to get. I personally wanted to get married in June so I could have peonies everywhere possible! But, I got married in September and the peony thing was not going to happen. I have had a lot of client's who have been in a similar situation and although you can sometimes get peonies throughout the year, they are more expensive, more limited in quantities and variety/color and do not look as pretty as they do when they are in season. So, the perfect alternative for my client's who cannot satisfy their peony craving is the dahlia. I often encourage my summer and fall brides to consider dahlias in their bridal bouquets, bridesmaid's bouquets and centerpieces. The tiny little button dahlias also make very cool boutonnieres.

Dahlias can be on the market year round but the prime time is early summer through early fall. The blooms can range in size from a small button type dahlia about 1.5" across to the HUGE dinner plate dahlias, which can reach up to 10"-12" across. The blooms can be tight, almost ball-like with small petals or slightly compact, but medium size petals (as pictured in the orange bouquet) or larger petals and more textural and "spider-y"- Hence, the term Spider dahlia (as pictured in the white bouquet).

Blue and purple are pretty much the only two colors that the dahlias do not naturally occur. For bold tones you can find vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. For paler, more subdued tones, the Cafe Aulait dahlia (ranges from a warm creamy champagne to a blushy peach), pale pink and white dahlias are available. Dahlias also come in rich, deep burgundy and very dark burgundy- almost black. There are many varieties that are variegated (pink and white; orange and yellow; red and yellow; burgundy and white to name a few).

For those of you still dreaming of peonies it's not too late- and not impossible for other times of the year. They will still be abundantly vailable for at least another month or two. Below are a couple of photos of recent bridal bouquets incorporating peonies and different times of year. The pink and coral bouquets were January and February weddings. The white and red bouquets were used for weddings between April and May.

Friday, June 12, 2009

so, I have a blog.....Welcome!

So...this is my first post and just a warning- I am not a techi kind of are more my thing! It doesn't seem like college was that long ago (but I guess it was--denial!) but somehow I made it through without email or even my own computer! So, to have my very own blog is pretty amazing!
OK- I hope I didn't date myself by my previous comment (I'm not that old!!!) but a little about myself: Graduated Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and went to work for a pretty reputable florist in the Pasadena area. After about 4 years there my own personal design and party work was getting to be too much to handle, plus a full time job at the before mentioned florist. My then boyfriend (now husband!) encouraged me to start my own business.
I started small- I mean, real small! My dad is very handy and built me a little studio on their property in a beautiful canyon in Sierra Madre. That lasted about 9 months! I soon outgrew my very cute little studio and moved into a historic adobe building nearby. My weddings and events just kept getting bigger and more frequent and soon I had full time employees! My husband and I got married, renovated a 1931 canyon bungalow... life was busy but good!

in 2005, a fantastic opportunity came up to open a retail location in Pasadena. It was fantastic- I got to design the store from the floor up and create a great place to show our work, meet with clients, showcase the beautiful flowers and offer really unique gifts. My husband left his job in the financial market to be "Mr. Ixora" and we had our first baby girl, Violet (how appropriate, right?) 3 months before we opened the doors. In September of 2007 we opened our second store at the Jonathan Club ...and had our second little baby girl, Faye (or Faye-B as we like to call her).
Our clients have been great and the events get better and better every year. I would like to thank everyone that we have worked with in the past and hope that you will check in to my blog frequently to see what is new and happening in the Ixora world! I plan to post all our current events and hopefully offer some "professional advise" on the ever-changing and beautiful world of flowers and design. Oh and by the way...our official new and improved web site will be launched by the end of July!!!!!