Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Out of the Box" Wedding

 We recently had the opportunity to create some centerpieces for a wedding that had us working in a box...but thinking outside of the box!  We filled these smoky mirror glass boxes with bleached grapevine branches and an assortment of unique and unusual flowers and plants, such as magenta cattleya orchids, queen proteas, elephant ear foliage and Tillsandsia (air plants).  Each one is different yet cohesive since we used a similar base to the design.
 orange pincushions, white scabiousa, elephant ears, gloriousa lilies and succulents
cattleya orchids, queen protea, tillsandsia, elephant ears and a mini phalenopsis orchid plant

white anthirium, orange pincushions, tillsandsia, succulents and the most gorgeous honeycomb  ginger I have ever worked with!

honeycomb ginger, cattleya orchids, orange pincushions and tillsandsia

queen protea, cattleya orchids, orange pincushions and scabiousa pods

gloriousa lilies, honeycomb ginger, white anthiriums, orange pincushions and succulents

green leucedendron protea, fan bromeliad, gloriousa Lily, white anthiriums, succulents, scabiousa pods

the cocktail pieces

                                                         the bride's unique bouquet
                       cattleya orchid, gloriousa lilies, scabiousa blooms and elephant ears

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's that time of year! Sorority "Presents"

We often get calls this time of year from family members wanting to send flowers to the young ladies in their life that may have just pledged a sorority.  "Presents" is the official announcement by a sorority of its newest members.  Often times a gathering is held in the sorority house to celebrate and the flowers are there waiting for the girls.  Flowers given to the new members are a great way to say "Congratulations! We are thinking about you and are so proud!".
We like to suggest that the flowers we create and deliver to the young lady reflect their personality or are perhaps designs of their favorite flower(s).  We can also design the flowers in a color palette to match the colors of the Sorority.  There's no right or's all about a little something to say congratulations!
Below are some samples of flower arrangements that would be perfect.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rhada & Brian

Indian weddings are one of my favorite types of weddings to design...the vibrancy of colors, the traditional elements, like the ceremonial canopy aka mundap and the groom riding in on a horse or even an elephant.  One of my favorite parts though is the family.  The women wearing beautiful saris and henna and the men in their traditional outfits that add just another added dimension of color but mostly the FUN that the family and guests seem to be having participating in the many different parts of the wedding ceremony.  We had he fortunate opportunity to work with Michael Willms of Entertainment Event Designs on Rhada and Brian's wedding at the SaddleRock Ranch in Malibu.  The day started with a traditional Indian ceremony on the large lawn.  We created the large mundap to emphasis the traditional marigold garlands typically used for Hindu ceremonies.  Because the Indian wedding, the first of 2 ceremonies, happened earlier in the day, we created with white chiffon shade canopies and provided fun purple fans to help keep guests comfortable.  The bride and groom also chose to have a western ceremony at the other ceremony location at Saddlerock and the bride changed into a gorgeous gown and we created a fabulous magenta orchid cascade bouquet (one of my favorites thus far!).  Guests then enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour relaxing on lounge furniture and then sat under the beautiful oaks to continue the night.  We created three different centerpieces...lovely mixed arrangements in glass vases, cut iron lanterns nestled in flowers and a cluster of custom wrapped candles in a bed of moss, gardenias and petals.
Thank you to Next Exit for providing the beautiful working with you guys!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...It's almost here-
Get ready!  
A dozen red roses are the traditional go to for the classic Valentine's day arrangement for your Valentine.  But...Here are a few options for an alternative to send to your sweetie...
For the Traditionalist
For the Romantic
For the Contemporary Glam Gal

For Him

Signature Ixora Style