Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's that time of year! Sorority "Presents"

We often get calls this time of year from family members wanting to send flowers to the young ladies in their life that may have just pledged a sorority.  "Presents" is the official announcement by a sorority of its newest members.  Often times a gathering is held in the sorority house to celebrate and the flowers are there waiting for the girls.  Flowers given to the new members are a great way to say "Congratulations! We are thinking about you and are so proud!".
We like to suggest that the flowers we create and deliver to the young lady reflect their personality or are perhaps designs of their favorite flower(s).  We can also design the flowers in a color palette to match the colors of the Sorority.  There's no right or wrong....it's all about a little something to say congratulations!
Below are some samples of flower arrangements that would be perfect.