Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Out of the Box" Wedding

 We recently had the opportunity to create some centerpieces for a wedding that had us working in a box...but thinking outside of the box!  We filled these smoky mirror glass boxes with bleached grapevine branches and an assortment of unique and unusual flowers and plants, such as magenta cattleya orchids, queen proteas, elephant ear foliage and Tillsandsia (air plants).  Each one is different yet cohesive since we used a similar base to the design.
 orange pincushions, white scabiousa, elephant ears, gloriousa lilies and succulents
cattleya orchids, queen protea, tillsandsia, elephant ears and a mini phalenopsis orchid plant

white anthirium, orange pincushions, tillsandsia, succulents and the most gorgeous honeycomb  ginger I have ever worked with!

honeycomb ginger, cattleya orchids, orange pincushions and tillsandsia

queen protea, cattleya orchids, orange pincushions and scabiousa pods

gloriousa lilies, honeycomb ginger, white anthiriums, orange pincushions and succulents

green leucedendron protea, fan bromeliad, gloriousa Lily, white anthiriums, succulents, scabiousa pods

the cocktail pieces

                                                         the bride's unique bouquet
                       cattleya orchid, gloriousa lilies, scabiousa blooms and elephant ears