Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chic Palm Desert Wedding

Anytime I have the opportunity to do a wedding or event in the Palm Desert area I start packing- I practically will do it for free- well, not quite but my clients will get a great deal!! This is my go-to spot for a quick getaway with my fam (and most recently, without the girls- happy 9th anniversary to my husband and myself!). So anytime I can turn a job into a bit of a break I can't wait. Well...although we did just recently design a Friday wedding at Rancho Las Palmas it was all work for me....I had to drive back the same day to the shop and finish up for my weddings the next day. It did help that it was RAINING and not the 110F that I am used to. Rain in Palm Desert- not possible, right? Well, it did- but we did get a bit of a break to still have the ceremony out on the fairway under the most dramatic sky with the mountains as a backdrop.

Although the clients live in Arizona we were able to meet frequently enough to come up with a design that was dramatic yet not over "flowery". The groom wanted a lot of sexy red lighting, candle light and floral design with a bit of a contemporary twist. The bride, who also liked those ideas, still wanted something that was a little more full and "contemporary classic".

The design I came up with included a crisp black and white color pallet with accents of deep rich red created with about 6 different, yet consistent, design concepts. Hundreds of various size candles added interest, warmth and intimacy to the large room. Custom black and white striped runners accented the long tables, a whimsical paper lantern design added height and interest in the lounge area of the reception- thank you to the bride and groom for allowing some leeway in the creative process. These are always the most fun events for me to produce!

Can't wait to see the pro pics!

Thanks to Jill form Miller Hawkins Productions for introducing us to the clients!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Recent Favorites!

A few pics of recent bouquets we have done over the last few weeks ( I would say about 9 out of the 40 or so bridal bouquets we've created since the last post!).... Definitely noticing a trend in the looser, more natural or garden style bouquets... It's fun to experiment with textures and alternative additions to bouquets. I am loving the different combos of colors and elements like feathers, herbs and unusual foliage. BUT, there are a few classic, more compact styles I had to include that have some of the most beautiful peonies ever !!