Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Fantastic Location!!!

I have had the pleasure of working at some really great locations through the years but I recently had the opportunity to take a tour of a new location in downtown LA- The Majestic Halls . Although many movies and videos have been filmed at this space, they have just recently opened the venue up to private events- weddings, corporate, etc. It is a huge bank building in the heart of Downtown that has been beautifully restored and offers so many options as far as how you can use the space for your own event. It is big and lofty but with correct use of space, lighting and decor the space could easily handle a more intimate event of 100/150 to a larger gala for 500. I would highly recommend checking it out if you are on the look out for something new- It is a perfect spot for an urban contemporary event but with enough tradition and old history to add interest. The space really can go any direction you want it to Ashley, the director of the space, is a sweetheart! Here are just a few images from their web-Check it out for more!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My 2010 Brides Are the Best!!

As soon as I put an email out to my 2010 brides the reply emails and discs have been arriving like crazy! Thank you to all of you who responded so quickly and were able to share images with us.
As I look through the images I am reminded how lucky that I have the job that I have! I meet some many fantastic people and really get to know them through the planning process. Each bride and her wedding is so different and so personal to her and her husband there is no possible way to be bored .... even when a color scheme might be the same, the style might be the same, or there is an image that a client wants me to "replicate" I try to find a way to not only make it Ixora but to reflect the client as well (who wants to have a wedding that someone else already had, right?!)
Now looking back, the images really do reflect each couple's personal aesthetic and style. 2010 was a bit of a transition year... I still had my BLING brides who wanted the classic, opulent beautiful and classic design but I also had what I call my "Anthropology" girl....eclectic with a bit vintage but cool and current.
That being said, I thought I would post some of my favorite bouquets from last year

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carey & David

Carey and David were the best kind of clients....Carey new exactly what she wanted and had a fantastic aesthetic and David only wanted Carey to be happy! What a great pair! Myself and my team worked closely with Carey over the months leading up the big day. We knew that at our initial consultation we wanted to design a warm, elegant wedding that had a touch of vintage beach inspiration but was still casual enough that guests would feel relaxed and welcome. Our journey started with establishing a soft color palette with a bit of punch. Soft creamy blushes, sage green and cream were stepped up with a punch of salmon, coral and golden yellow. Carey, a girl after my own heart, loves milk glass so it was fun for the both of us to source all the multiple pieces used to create her centerpieces ( I figured whatever I bought that we didn't end up using would just go to my own personal collection!!).

The ceremony and reception, both held at The Beach Club in Santa Monica, contained many personalized details that brought the whole event together. A hand painted wooden sign led guests to the sand deck where the ceremony was being held. David's dad, a superb craftsman, built the canopy for the ceremony, which we then decorated with billowing soft ivory chiffon and suspended glass vases filled with frilly dahlias. The aisle was lined with large hurricanes filled with sand and shells alternating with raffia and starfish "tassels" on the chairs. One important detail that I can't emphasize enough was a white carpet on the boardwalk so Carrie and her bridal party could walk comfortably down the aisle without fear of their heels getting stuck in the slats! The cocktail hour followed on the nearby deck. We brought in dark wood ottomans, benches with white pads and tall wooden cocktail tables so the guests could relax and listen to the steel drums while enjoying a cocktail or two.

For the reception we wanted to create a warm and lush gardeny feel on the tables. The tables had either a combination of different milk glass vessels each with their own unique, yet cohesive floral combination or a singular large container filled with a matching arrangement. Tons of candles and additional warm lighting was brought in to enhance the space. As the night went on and guests enjoyed the DJ all the windows were slid open to let in the fresh beach air. Two other great details completed the event...we custom made a large photo wall with empty frames for the guests to pose in and additional framed family photos completed the "Family Portrait Wall". Carey found great hand props to pose with on Etsy. It was such a hit and all the guests had such a great time with it. [Unfortuently, no imgaes :(!] Another great element was that each guest's favor was a pair of flip flops which were perfect at the end of the night for sore feet and a walk onto the sand for the large bonfire complete with smores!

Thank you to Ian Grant for the great images and Ronette at The Beach Club for such a successful event!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Katy & David

My close friends David and Katy recently tied the knot on a romantic chilly December evening in Burbank at Castaways. I love doing flowers for my friend's events- especially their weddings. It often doesn't happen that I am given fairly free range with the design with limited input from my client- who happens to be a close friend! I guess they have seen me do "my thing" for the last 15 years and have total trust! It is so important to me to make their day unique and special, reflective of how they are as both the individual and now as a couple.

Katy gave me essentially one word of inspiration for her and Dave's design, "PURPLE"....and that is exactly what she got! She carried a classic compact all white nosegay bouquet, while her girls in beautiful amethyst dresses carried mixed shades of lavender and purple anenomes, scabiousa, mini calla lilies and roses. For the ceremony we knew it was going to be dark (6:00 p.m. on a chilly December night) so I wanted to use tons of candles lining her plum aisle runner to add a romantic touch and a visual reference to warmth. White rose petals designed in a scroll pattern added a bit of whimsy and lightness to the darker color scheme. Both at the entrance to the aisle and flanking the bride and groom during the ceremony were large all purple floral arrangements consisting of purple hydrangea (hard to get in mid December but only the best for my friends!!!), plum tulips, purple stock, purple alstromeria and curled red ti leaf. Both sets beautifully framed the bride as she entered with her father and during the ceremony. Small crystal drop votive lit chandeliers accented the interior of the existing gazebo.

For the reception we used chunky square vases lined with purple-ish red ti leaf and filled to overflowing with purple hydrangea, plum tulips and purple alstromeria.

Congratulations to you both! We love you guys!