Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So you are engaged....what's the next step?  
The new year always seems to be the perfect time to start planning for the big day....In the many years that we have  been doing events, specifically weddings, I have noticed that January through March tend to be extremely busy with prospective brides calling and coming in for consultations for weddings planned for the coming year.  Although I have booked weddings more than a year in advance,  7-10 months advance booking is about typical.  That being said, there are some busy months that should be booked sooner.  July through October are our busiest months and although we are staffed and can accommodate more than one wedding a weekend it's always best to be first on the books.
Typically our booking process works like this:  We would set up a consultation to discuss the overall vibe, look, color palette and review inspiration images (no charge- unbelievable but some vendors CHARGE for a consultation!).  I am then able to write up a fairly detailed proposal, with the various options we have discussed, with price ranges and averages for each option.  I believe in offering as many viable design choices as possible to allow for flexibility, mainly with budget.  If the quote looks "do-able", then  a 20% deposit secures the client's date in our calender.  We then continue to have contact via phone, email or in-person meetings to review and edit as necessary.  About 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding we will design a sample table top for the client.  This is the perfect time to see a preview of the big day and make changes so there are no big surprises on the day-of.
Bride's do ask what they should have prior to meeting with me.  Here is a list:
* a Venue and Date
*Inspiration Images.  Pinterest has been an awesome tool for this.
* An open mind to design options to best obtain the desired vibe, while staying within budget
*A realistic expectation of what the "Wish List" may be and the actual budget.  Remember- you do get what you pay for and it is important to compare "apples to apples" when comparing bids from different vendors.  Someone will always be able to do it cheaper but what will be the quality, the attention to detail - not only to the flower but to you as a client- and professionalism?

* Have fun and try not to get too stressed out. This can be such a  fun experience for you , your fiance and your family.  I have bride's tell me all the time that the flowers are the best part of all their meetings, planning etc.  That makes me smile because flowers should make everyone happy!