Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bold and Beautiful: Ixora Downtown LA

This is an arrangement that was designed at our downtown LA location inside the Jonathan Club. The gentleman who ordered this arrangement wanted something that was big, colorful and fragrant to welcome an old colleague back to Los Angeles. This arrangement included: antique hydrangea, pink hydrangea, casa blanca lillies, green cymbidiums, red roses and the most beautifully fragrant yves piaget roses.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Erin and Nick

Erin and Nick's wedding ceremony took place at Holy Family Church in South Pasadena. The following reception was held at The Langham Hotel, which was a natural choice for the couple since Erin's Dad is the General Manger of the hotel. A color palette of cream, green and white was chosen to compliment the couple's desire for a sleek, slightly modern design while still maintaining a sumptuous, timeless overall feel. Floral choices were greatly influenced by both families backgrounds. Nick's family hails from South Africa so we incorporated various types of protea, blue thistle and green anthiriums. Erin definitely wanted Bells of Ireland incorporated into the designs to reflect her Irish heritage.

The brides' bouquet was a mix of green miniature cymbidiums, green and white lady slipper orchids and the most gorgeous white peonies I have ever seen (they were almost 8" across!!). Another personal touch was using lace from her mothers wedding gown for the "something old" tradition
Nick, who wore a boutonierre made from a rolled green miniature anthirium accented with a fishing lure, is from South Africa so to honor his side of the family, king protea were used as single stem arrangements to contrast with the more traditional white peonies, hydrangea, parrot tulips and green cymbidiums, which were a favorite of the bride. The use of different sized and color glass vases on each of the dining tables created a neat, modern and chic presentation. Bells of Ireland in two tall vases at the head table honored the bride's Grandmother.
The napkins were accented with bundles of horsetail bamboo, a blue thistle all bound with pink flax

Special Thanks: Cat Krantz Benner of Next Exit Photography