Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Violet's 5th Birthday Party

Violet turned 5 yesterday and we threw a huge party on Sunday…..I have been planning, collecting and brainstorming since December. Everyone was greeted by Cheshire cat and balloons (yes, I painted him)

The birthday girl in her balloon crown.

Guests were offered a bit of Lemonade with a “drink me” tag to make everyone shrink- ok maybe just the adults to shrink- and fit through a bright yellow kids size door.

Here is the Mad Hatter’s tea party table. Pink pipe and drape canopy were hung with different color and style paper lanterns. A pink table cloth was laid and different style tea pots, tea cups and cookie jars with tags that said “try me” and "taste me” decorated the length of the table.

I added to my collection of chairs - most were free off the side of the road and enhanced with paint and re-upholstered colorful pads, some I already had. All the kids sat around it for cake, they were so cute.

The balloon guy was awesome and could make anything. He made me a queen of hearts hat. He even made an “O” “R” and “u” for my caterpillar (Whoooo are youooooo” ). The Caterpillar was painted by grandpa. The bubble machine behind the caterpillar mimicked smoke.

Here is a photo of me in my queen of hearts balloon hat. In the background is the bouncy. You can’t have a kid’s party without one. Our play equipment and airplane kept kids entertained.

Craig says "Aaarrrg"
The Wyoming pirate played a supporting role in Violet's Wonderland.

The face painter was awesome and very creative. Violet was painted like Cheshire cat.

Faye was a Cheshire cat too.

Whether by cup....

...or pot, tea was enjoyed by all.

Violet's Birthday cake was a two-tier, home made, Mad Hatter wonder.

Happy Birthday Violet!!!!

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  1. Violet's 5th Birthday Party is incredible. I am just so obsessed with these photos. Table setting, color scheme, that cake and in fact everything in this party is inspirational for me. Actually I am planning a fun party for my daughter so these ideas would be handy for me. I would like to book an outdoor event space NYC for this bash.