Monday, May 7, 2012

Lovin' Pinterest!

OK...I am "slightly" obsessed with Pinterest, and it seems like I am not alone!  A couple of my past clients had asked me to take a look at their boards to see their style and/or color pallet they were going for....which was very helpful.... but then I was hooked myself!  I just read a recent LA Times article that Pinterest usage went from something like 3.5 million users in September to 27.5 million in April!  The stat that I thought had to be incorrect was that the average user spend 1.5 hours a WEEK on Pinterest.  That obviously had to be a typo considering myself and other pinners activity!  My husband became annoyed when I was on there for 2 hours straight and was ignoring him!

Anyway...I thought I would post a few of my favorite inspiration images for hanging lighting and floral decor that I found and have pinned ...AND  you could always start following us to see more! (Ixora Floral on Pinterest).  As well, I think this is a great medium for any of my clients to start their own inspiration board to share with vendors

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